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Outdoor & Indoor Play Houses

Want to encourage your child to engage in some creative outdoor or indoor play?

We have outdoor cedar playhouses that will create endless outdoor summer fun for your son or daughter. We can assemble and deliver your playhouse to your backyard with little impact to your family as we are able to do the final assembly onsite which take only a minimal amount of time. Our playhouses are built out of 100% western red cedar and will last your family for years. Our favourite playhouse is our play cabin as it has a 6’ high roof so can be used as a storage shed when your child is older.

Cedar Playhouses

Eco-Safe Outdoor Playhouses Made from Western Red Cedar Canadian made from BC.

Our Cedar Playhouses are made using only Western Red Cedar, a non-toxic and safe alternative to other types of building materials. The supremacy of Western Red Cedar as an all-weather building material is entirely natural. Along with its beauty, aroma, stability and endurance, it contains natural oils that act as preservatives to help the wood resist insect attack and decay.

**All Playhouses come with a 1 year manufacturer & workmanship warranty**

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