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Decks & Outdoor Structures

Throughout the summer we specialize in building decks and outdoor structures allowing us to pay attention to details and strive to build a high quality product every time. As a full service company, we design, order materials, build and clean the work site upon completion. This allows you more time to enjoy your new outdoor living space. We are available to start building and transforming your space as soon as you are ready. All outdoor structure estimates are absolute price quotations.

We have a variety of features, design styles and ideas that can be added to your customized outdoor living space adding a unique look:

  • Railings: We can custom build railings for your deck or you can choose the railing of your choice from one of our suppliers including our favourite (check out their new flat top railing where you can set your pop can down).

  • Arbors: resemble a covered patio to create an outdoor living room with at least four columns supporting a roof of cross braces, lattice or outdoor canvas.

  • Pergolas: a structure designed to support climbing (trailing) plants thus creating a shaded area beneath the pergola. Sometimes pergolas are found over decks and patios but are also seen above walkways and as standalone structures in gardens. The posts run along either side and are typically connected with lattice framework above. Traditionally the sides are left open so the view can still be enjoyed. The climbing plants are trained to grow up the posts until they get to the framework at the top where they will spread out over time to cover the top of the pergola.

  • Trellises: usually sits against a wall as a single, flat surface with lattice to give it some style. Posts are aligned in a row and joined with lattice work and cross pieces at the top.

  • Planter Boxes: custom build a planter box to match your deck or garden in whatever size you desire.

  • Swings: enjoy the novelty of sitting on a custom built wooden swing on your patio, deck or out in your garden.

  • BBQ Areas: create a strong, durable area to have fun barbequing in. We can custom design an outdoor barbeque area for you that will give you the feeling of being on vacation at a resort but it’s in your own backyard!

  • Gazebos and Sheds: Get some extra storage with style! We can assemble and deliver cedar sheds and gazebos for your backyard. Our favourite sheds & gazebos are built out of 100% western red cedar which will last you and your family for years. Click here for more information.

  • Swing Sets and Play Centers: We have thoroughly checked out swing set and play center manufacturers. Before you buy a play set, consider what you are getting for your money. Our supplier uses only the highest-grade materials available. All of our swing sets and play centers meet or exceed the Safety standards for residential play equipment. We use extra braces and 4 x 4 posts to make our sets stronger. We only use the highest quality of ACQ Preserve Treated Lumber. ACQ Preserve is an environmentally advanced, pressure-treated wood that is treated with the preservative ACQ - alkaline copper quart. ACQ uses 100% recycled copper as its main component which is widely used in organic gardening applications.

  • Play Houses: Want to encourage your child to engage in some creative outdoor play? We have cedar playhouses that will create endless outdoor summer fun for your son or daughter. We can assemble and deliver your playhouse to your backyard with little impact to your family as we are able to do the final assembly onsite which take only a minimal amount of time. Our playhouses are built out of 100% western red cedar and will last your family for years. Our favourite playhouse is our play cabin as it has a 6’ high roof so can be used as a storage shed when your child is older.

To set up an appointment for a free quotation Contact Us or Call Us.

In most cases, we can give you an estimate within 48 hours of your appointment. As soon as you decide to have your outdoor structure built by us, we will email or fax you the paperwork and when you receive it simply sign and send it back to us, we will then schedule your project.

All Decks Custom Built & Designed
Absolute Price Quotations (never an estimate)
Licensed & Insured
Locally Owned & Operated
Commitment to Customer Satisfaction Throughout Project and After Completion

Estimated project time for an average size deck is 3-4 days.

Types of Materials

  • Pressure Treated Lumber: pressure-treated lumber is the strongest and least expensive material choice for your deck. It resists decay, rot, insects and is an excellent choice for all outdoor building needs. We only use the highest quality of ACQ Preserve Treated Lumber. ACQ Preserve is an environmentally advanced, pressure-treated wood that is treated with the preservative ACQ - alkaline copper quart. ACQ uses 100% recycled copper as its main component which is widely used in organic gardening applications.

  • Cedar: Cedar is one of the most beautiful woods available, a deck built out of cedar will be one of the best looking decks in the neighborhood. Cedar decks, even though more expensive than pressure-treated decks are a great choice if you looking to create a weathered appearance in your outdoor living space. Cedar initially has a light brown appearance with a very attractive grain throughout, as it weathers it will turn silvery-gray. Cedar is one of the few woods that contains its own natural preservative oils. Even though cedar is a soft wood it is very stable and will stay straight and flat over time as well as resists warping.

  • Composite Decking: Trex easy-care decking is smooth and soft to touch, it feels so great that you can kick off your shoes and enjoy your outdoor living area barefoot.

  • Vinyl Top: Completely waterproof your deck with a non-skid safety vinyl, long lasting, low maintenance, cooler to the touch, tough, easy to keep clean and cost saving vinyl top.

  • Wood Railing: always custom built to fit your deck specifically to meet the Alberta Building Codes.

  • Aluminum Railing Systems: custom designed and fitted to your deck we offer aluminum railings with pickets, glass inserts or topless glass.

Finishing & Sealing

We recommend you wait 2-6 months after your deck is built prior to staining. We then recommend you re-stain your deck in accordance with the stain manufacturer’s recommendations. The product that we use and recommend is Behr outdoor stain. You can visit their website at

If you want to keep your deck from turning grey you will have to purchase a stain with a UV protection chemical in it.

Always ensure there has been 48 hours of good weather (no rain and lots of sunshine) before applying a sealer or stain to your deck.


If you choose to use a clear sealer you can expect to have to re-seal your deck every 1-2 years. The easiest way to apply the sealer is with a 1-2 gallon garden pump sprayer. Start with the railing so as not to waste any of the sealer. When you get to the deck surface, use a roller to stop puddles from forming after you've sprayed. If puddles of the sealer dry there will be a milky, crystal-like appearance afterwards.


Stains come either semi-transparent (show the wood grain and have a bold look) or tinted (enhance the wood color). Most deck stains are mixed with sealer and can be applied in a single step. If the stain you are using does not include a sealer you will have to use a sealer after staining as well. The longest lasting stains are the semi-transparent ones as they seem to last 2-3 years. With staining, make sure that you also use a roller to stop puddles from forming on the deck surface - they appear the same (milky and crystal-like when dry) as the sealant does. For the railings using a sponge or rag works well.

Cleaning & Maintaining Your Deck

The first step to cleaning any deck is to make sure you thoroughly sweep the deck and stairs clean - you don't want any debris, leaves or loose dirt left behind.

Pressure Washing

When you're pressure washing your deck make sure you lift the wand up and away as you pass back and forth over your deck. This ensures that the wand does not create spots that are cleaner than others on the deck - to get a professional quality job you want to make sure the cleaning is even. Be careful that the nozzle of the pressure washer does not get too close to the wood as it could cut into the wood.

Professional Chemical Cleaners

There are lots of brand-name professional cleaning products on the market today. As both products are acid-based, make sure you wear hand and eye protection while using and washing off. Neither of the products will harm your plants or lawn. Most local rental stores have 3,000 lbs pressure washers available to rent for about $40/hr. If you want to try a cleaner that the pros use try one of these:

  • Tri-sodium phosphate (sophistic acid): is mixed with water and sprayed onto your deck with a garden sprayer. Do not leave the product on for longer than 20 minutes before washing with 3,000 lbs of high pressure water (pressure washer). Tri-sodium phosphate works great on grease stains. OR

  • Oxalic acid solution: can also be sprayed on the deck with a garden sprayer. Do not leave the product on for longer than 30 minutes before washing off again with 3,000 lbs of high pressured water (pressure washer).

Note: Never use fungicides or bleach on your deck. They will harm the wood and inhibit the stain/sealer from being absorbed and staying on the wood. If you keep your deck clear of dirt and leaves you should only have to wash it every 2 years.